I’ve been lifting, I feel strong” – Paige Spiranac reveals her updated distances in latest video

Paige Spiranac decided to reveal her updated hitting distance from various clubs in her new video. She revealed that she was feeling strong after lifting recently.

Spiranac is the most popular golf personality on social media, and her popularity on Instagram surpasses even that of Tiger Woods. She has more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram and likes to keep engaging with her friends with her regular posts.

The 30-year-old golf influencer decided to share her updated driving distance and shared a video on her YouTube account, which has more than 336K subscribers.

She began the video with a little information:

“I decided to do an updated distance video to see how far I carry all of my clubs. I’ve actually picked up some distance recently. I think it’s because I’ve upgraded my clubs, got some really great shafts (Ellie Gulf shafts) in my clubs.”

“I’ve been lifting, I feel strong, and I’ve been kind of working on my game a little bit. So, I am hitting it pretty well, and I thought I would just do an updated video with all of my distances and carry. So, let’s get right into it.

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