“Thank You Dad for Being You”: Father of Three Tom Brady Sings High Praises for 79 YO Tom Brady Sr. Who Has 10 Grandkids

  1. The upbringing by parents is an important aspect of the growth of a child. And retired NFL GOAT Tom Brady will always be grateful for his parents supporting his dream of supporting his dreams of playing professional football. The 7X Super Bowl champion has always been vocal about how his parents helped him live his dreams of playing in the NFL since he was a kid. And it is because of their constant love and support that he has been able to etch his name into the history books of the league.

And recently, Father’s Day was celebrated across the world to pay homage to great dads across timelines. Even Tom Brady took to social media to show his heartfelt gratitude to his own father, Tom Brady Sr, on the special occasion, for being a wonderful parent during his upbringing.

Both of Tom Brady’s parents have been an important part in shaping him into who we recognize him as today. From taking their son to football games to doing their best to provide him with everything he needed to grow as a footballer, Brady’s parents have always been an important pillar of support for the NFL GOAT

Tom Brady celebrates the occasion of Father’s Day 



And now, on the occasion of Father’s Day. Tom Brady took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post celebrating his dad, who is also a grandfather of 10 grandkids at the age of 79. The post shows a series of pictures where we see Brady posing with his father, along with photos of his own three children. He even shared an old picture of his parents posing with him and his three sisters when they were young. Brady talked about his heartfelt gratitude for his dad in the caption, as he wrote, “Thank you, Dad, for being you, and thank you to my three amazing kids, for giving me the pleasure of being your dad

And just like his own parents, the retired NFL GOAT recently opened up about how he plans to support his own children in building their own futures.

Brady will follow in his parent’s footsteps into raising his own kids 

During a recent interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Shapp, Tom Brady opened up about how he is always ready to support the dreams of his own children even if it is not to follow in his footsteps as a professional footballer. He talked about how he wants his eldest son Jack to find his own passion that will serve as a motivating factor for him every day. Brady further shared his ideology of how parents should always support their children, even if they have different passions and dreams in life. He said, “We should support our children, whatever it may be.”

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