Golf Paige Spiranac offers her thoughts on the LIV-PGA Tour merger

Paige Spiranac is one of the most famous names in golf at this present moment, and she’s not even a professional player

Taking on the cyberspace at a time when being an influencer is one of the best paid jobs in the world has been Spiranac‘s stroke of genius, and the attractive former golfer has seen her popularity explode in recent years.

Aside from offering a range of rather seductive pictures, Spiranac also offers her thoughts on the sport she loves, and there has been a seismic event for her to talk about, as was announced on Thursday.

Golf’s civil war is now over. The LIV and PGA Tour have agreed to bring to an end their legal battle, and the two governing bodies in the sport will now merge and move forward as a collective unit.

Merger leaves individuals like Rory McIlroy in the lurch

The decision to bring the Saudi-funded LIV together with the traditional PGA Tour wasn’t one which anyone saw coming, especially when members of the PGA Tour have fought so hard to keep the unit together.

None more so than Rory McIlroy, who has consistently criticized the LIV approach and has stayed loyal to the PGA Tour. He now finds himself being left in the lurch, having to be part of the two-party umbrella in the sport.

Spiranac, though, made light of the difficult spot that some, including former pro, Brandel Chamblee, have been put in by the merger.

Phil knowing Brandel is about to have the worst day ever with the news of the tour merging with LIV. I just want to see Brandel’s reaction… lol,” Spiranac tweeted.

She was also positive about the future of golf, suggesting that there could well be more interesting tournaments.

“More team golf, which could be an interesting change of pace,” she added.

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