Crips member slams Ja Morant for posing as a gangster, wants to meet

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant is under fire after once again flashing a gun on social media Sunday. Bricc Baby, a rapper and Crips member, reacted to the NBA star’s incident, telling him he wants to meet.

Morant, 23, has previously thrown up gang signs after scoring, specifically those associated with the Crips. The rapper had just spoken about that action and is once again calling on the Grizzlies guard to stop pretending

“He ain’t f—ing with the gangland like that,” Bricc Baby said. “You throwing them ‘Ns’ up, that’s gonna cost you. … What you wanna do, pay the crips for the rest of your life?”

Bricc Baby, son of a cocaine dealer, was basically telling Morant that he can’t be claiming his set for free, but there’s at least one NBA player who is cool with the Crips.

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green is apparently gang affiliated. Bricc Baby said Green gets a “pass” to throw up the signs because he helps the community, but that’s a story for another time

Ja Morant to meet with Crips?

Bricc Baby went on to say that he wants to meet up with Morant on a friendly note to make him understand that gang-banging is not a joke.

After the second gun incident, Bricc Baby recorded another plead to meet with Morant, saying he “can’t get geeked off music like that.”

Come on, Ja,” Bricc Baby said. “I just was pleading to you to stop gang-banging. You’re one in a million. You made it out, even if you didn’t come from, whatever, you made it against all this s–t against Black people.

“Another pistol? Not another pistol. Come to LA and come holla at me, no beefing, no nothing. I wanna have a sit down with Ja Morant.”

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