Paige Spiranac’s tantalizing tasting menu that is making fans salivate

The golfer indulged in a variety of delicious looking mini plates

Paige Spiranac has taken a quick break from the golfing green to enjoy a mouth-watering tasting menu. The golfer uploaded several stories to her Instagram account tasting several delicious looking dishes.

Her tasting menu included Wagyu from a Prime Food Distributor, a chicken and waffle cone from Melba’s restaurant, fried chicken from Pecking House, lasagna from Don Angie and Hamachi tartare from Hav&Mar.

Fans pointed out that Paige Spiranac looked pretty tasty herself. She went for a casual outfit and was wearing a figure-hugging blue polo shirt. There’s no doubt that the social media sensation is one of the few people that can make eating look sexy.

Her attempt at eating the piece of lasagna was particularly impressive- she managed to fit the whole piece in her mouth without cutting it into smaller pieces

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