Just 5 Hours Apart, “Rejected” Dwayne Johnson & “Misjudged” Tom Brady Disclose 1-Word Funda To Combat Adversity

The climb to the top for the greats is rarely without adversities. Overcoming the hurdles to reach the pinnacle in their fields is something common between 7x Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and Hollywood wrestling icon, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Brady almost went undrafted during his NFL draft. Johnson, on the other hand, went through the pangs of an unfulfilled career in the pro football leagues. However, there is one common link between the two titans

During an appearance on The Pivot Podcast this week, Dwayne Johnson dove deep into the importance of harboring gratitude. Surprisingly, through a probable telepathic connection, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady also shared a message along the exact same lines on his Instagram story.

Dwayne Johnson and Tom Brady align on key issues of life

Black Adam’ star Dwayne Johnson has grown exponentially in popularity and fame over the last two decades. From beginning in the Wrestling Federation of the nineties to achieving unprecedented fame in show business, The Rock has a whopping present-day net worth of $800 million. However, that wasn’t always the case, as Johnson reminisced about the time he only had seven dollars in his pocket after being cut from the Canadian Football League.

How did Dwayne tackle the adversity? “I started to apply gratitude. You know, at my core, try to find the good in something. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the sludge of things. When things are down. So what I try to do is to keep all those times those hard times keep them in the forefront of my mind,” The Rock said.

The former NE Patriots passer posted a video of ‘Back To The Future’ star Michael J. Fox talking about his lengthy battle with Parkinson’s. “With gratitude, optimism is sustainable,” Fox said. TB12 shared the post with heart emojis and the word “gratitude” on his story

Johnson once mocked Brady for his outrageous Rock impression

Before sharing their mutual appreciation for gratitude, Brady and Johnson had a hilarious back-and-forth last year. During a collaboration with ‘UnderArmour’ for his TB12 sleepwear collection, Tom Brady used a catchphrase popularized by Dwayne Johnson from his time in the ring. “It doesn’t matter,” Brady said while promoting his apparel brand.

The Rock found this impression hilarious, especially since Brady also filmed the video while sitting on some rocks. Get it? “Sweet tap dancing baby Jesus. What in the f—- did we just watch,” Johnson jokingly replied to the commercial on his YouTube channel before congratulating Brady for the partnership with ‘UnderArmour

The Rock retired from the ring in 2019. However, he still makes electrifying surprise appearances once in a while. The same goes for Tom Brady, who finally hung it up this February, but never fails to have his comeback trending on social media. Looks like the two have more in common than they know.


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