Jennifer Garner Got Incredibly Candid About the ‘Problem’ With Being Labeled ‘Nice’

It’s hard not to at least like Jennifer Garner. The actress, producer, and mother of three has one of the most wholesome social media feeds out there, has unbelievably thick, luscious hair (she swears by Virtue products!), and is overall labeled a “nice” person. But nice shouldn’t be conflated with being a doormat, as Garner recently pointed out.

“The problem with, ‘Oh, she’s so nice’ is that when I have any kind of boundary, people think of it as much more than it actually is,” Garner explained to Allure. Even as an adult, setting boundaries can be difficult. And it easy to see how it could be tough to do for a celebrity who has people approaching her on the street assuming she is bubbly-but-humble 24/7.

“The problem is being recognized on a day where I’m not so nice or when I have blackness in my soul,” Garner elaborated, even if the notion of the Alias alum having even a speck of darkness may seem impossible to lifelong fans. “I’ve definitely had days where I just can’t do it. I scowl at people before they can walk up to me. I’m not perfect, and I don’t think I’m rude, but I’m not good at being fake. I’m an open book of a person.”

This isn’t the first time Garner has addressed the nice label head-on. “I have no reason not to be nice. My life is lovely,” Garner told Town & Country back in October 2022.

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“I’m not always just nice. I can also be salty, and I can be taciturn, or I can be really serious about what I want to get done,” she explained. And it makes sense — to juggle all of her creative and activist projects on top of coparenting with ex Ben Affleck requires some level of discipline! “It’s not that I feel I’m underestimated in that way—I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and say, ‘Just so you know, this isn’t going to fly with me.’ When that happens, I don’t want you to be shocked that I’m a real person.”

It is especially refreshing to see a celebrity whose social media feeds present a wholesome, seemingly breezy, crunchy granola lifestyle talk about how life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. We contain multitudes, after all!

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