NFL fans roast Tom Brady for comparing his career to Secretariat horse during Kentucky Derby

NBC Sports commissioned Tom Brady to pay tribute to Secretariat in time for the 50th anniversary of the thoroughbred’s legendary Kentucky Derby victory. However, the short clip took a bizarre turn when the seven-time Super Bowl champion compared himself to the American racehorse.

Brady compared his story with Secretariat’s fate. He first shared how Penny Chenery got Big Red by losing a coin toss in 1969. Then, the former Michigan standout shared how he got his break.

“I wanna tell you another story about fate, takes place about 30 years later,” Brady said

“A kid you might recognize just sitting in the bench in New England, backing up one of the best quarterbacks in the league (Drew Bledsoe). But then that QB gets hurt (after receiving a vicious hit from Mo Lewis), and the kid gets his shot to go in.”

Tom Brady, a three-time NFL Most Valuable Player awardee, continued:

“Now maybe Secretariat would have become Secretariat even if he had a different owner, a different trainer, a different jockey. And maybe I would have found my way to a lineup, even if my good buddy Drew Bledsoe didn’t get hurt that day in the field.

“But I do know the way it worked out for both of us. It felt a lot like fate. There are a lot of G.O.A.Ts out there in history. I’ll always have my name mentioned with the best to ever do it. But I think I speak for all of us when we say we all kind of look at him a little differently.”

“There was nobody faster, nobody greater.”

Tom Brady salutes Secretariat, the GOAT of the race track. #KyDerby

Several NFL fans took to Twitter to provide their reactions and criticisms of Tom Brady to this odd comparison. One of them tweeted:

“Sounds like this egotist was more saluting himself! What a obnoxious big headed a**!”

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