Steph Curry Reacts to Officiating in Warriors vs. Lakers Game 3

The free throw disparity has been significant in this Western Conference Semi-Finals series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers. While the two teams play much different styles of basketball, which certainly contributes to how often they draw fouls, the Warriors have been understatedly frustrated with the officiating in this series.

What often goes unnoticed when discussing how a game is being officiated, is the way whistles can impact more than just free throw attempts. For a Warriors team that likes to create transition opportunities, the game slowing down due to foul calls is something that hurts their attack in more ways than just the points they’re surrendering at the line.

This is what Steph Curry spoke on after Game 3 when asked about the amount of fouls that were called on Golden State, saying, “I mean, yeah. It’s never – especially on the road, and the way that they try to defend us, when the game stops it’s not in our favor. So, you just gotta understand momentum. In a game with two different styles of play, it all matters. There was a turnover where me and Klay had little miscommunication in transition, and then the barrage of whistles and all that stuff changed momentum quickly.”

When asked about navigating through calls not going their way, Curry said, “Just remain confident in who we are and how we play, and not get distracted by stuff you can’t control. As much as it’s frustrating

While Curry admitted that the officiating impacted the momentum of the game, he did not use that as an excuse for the loss. As Curry mentioned several times in his postgame presser, the team is excited for an opportunity to respond in Game 4.

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