Tom Brady already had a plan for when Gisele Bündchen attended the Met Gala

The former couple attended this exclusive event for years, Tom Brady now has other activities

We’ve all seen how Gisele Bündchen crashed the 2023 Met Gala and what she wore to the event, she usually doesn’t miss these galas and she attended many with Tom Brady when they were still married. Now that the pair is divorced, this event means they both had a chance to attend on their own but Tom Brady chose not to do it. While Gisele posed for the pictures and shoed off her Karl Lagerfeld piece, Tom Brady was busy doing something else entirely. As you may already know, the Met Gala is an event that the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art puts together every single year. They do themes each year and invite a select list of celebrities from all walks of life

Where was Tom Brady during the Met Gala?

We already know Tom Brady is currently enjoying life after retirement, but what was he specifically doing during the Met Gala? Well, he was actually playing some golf in a course that is currently located in Los Angeles. About 3,000 miles away from where his ex wife was wearing that massive white gown, Brady was playing a few rounds of golf. In fact, a paparazzi spotted Brady and started taking pictures from a distance. He seemed to be enjoying himself and not caring at all about this event that was taking place in New York at the same time. The place where Brady decided to golf was at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles.

There is actually some chatter about Tom Brady’s obsession to improve his swing and his overall game for months now. He seems just as focused doing this as he was when he dedicated hours from the day to improving his football game. Tom hit his wedges, irons, and driver at the same time he moved around on his golf cart next to one of his friends. Those Met Gala events with Tom and Gisele are a thing of the past, they did attend every single one between 2010 and 2019 though. We will always have those photo galleries of the couple posing for pictures during every single Met Gala event they attended together.


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