“Knocked the Wind Out of Me”: Tom Brady’s Ex-girlfriend Once Revisited the Emotional Journey After Breaking Her Ties With NFL Icon

Before meeting and getting married to Gisele, Tom Brady had an interesting dating life. He would date actors and other models. However, before Gisele, there were very few of his relationships that became serious in the public eye. One of them was his relationship with Bridget Moynahan. While the two broke up shortly before Brady and Gisele got together, the two share a complicated journey that centers around their son.

Furthermore, it seems like the duo’s emotional journey was one that resembled a roller coaster. ‘The Blue Bloods’ star once spoke about the kind of emotional turmoil and confusion she faced around the time of her relationship with Brady. She also described how the after-effects of their relationship affected her.

The anguish between Tom Brady and his ex-girlfriend
The Bridget-Brady duo was one that caught a lot of people’s attention. Therefore, it was a surprise when the two announced that they were ending things. And while they were breaking up, there were some developments in their lives that made sure they’ll stay connected forever.
Bridget mentioned how there was a lot of trauma involved with being so heartbroken. Furthermore, she also spoke about how the news of being pregnant with their son, Jack hit her like a truck. She said, “Going through the traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me.”
With such an emotional journey, one wonders what might have gone on between the two. However, Brady and Bridget’s tale started off better than most romantic stories.

What came before Brady and Bundchen?

The two superstars started dating when they were both at the heights of their careers. Brady had just won his second Super Bowl with the Patriots. Subsequently, Bridget started gaining a lot of fame after her appearance on the show Sex and the City. The two began dating somewhere in the early months of 2004 and spent two picture-perfect years together. However, disaster struck when the two broke up in 2006.
Furthermore, the unexpected happened when Bidget’s reps announced that she was pregnant with Brady’s child. The two ended up welcoming a baby boy, Jack. Interestingly, this happened when the quarterback had moved on and started dating Gisele, who he eventually married. Luckily for the families, the adults adopted a healthy co-parenting style, even though Gisele was apprehensive at first. While the couple separated, Bridget and Brady raised their child well. Furthermore, even though the breakup and her pregnancy hit Bridget hard, it all seems to have worked out for everyone.

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