Stephen and Seth Curry: All About the NBA Brothers and Their Sibling Bond

The NBA pros have had a close relationship on-and-off the court since they were kids

NBA brothers Stephen Curry and Seth Curry are each other’s biggest supporters — and greatest motivators.

Being a little more than two years older, Stephen was the first to break into the NBA, and quickly became a fan favorite as the Golden State Warriors point guard. Seth admits there are “pros and cons” to being known as the two-time MVP’s little brother. It “got him in the door,” he told Draymond Green on his podcast, and he’s learned a lot from his brother — both major benefits.

Learning from Steph, being able to ask him questions, following his journey,” Seth told Green. “I got a guy who has been through a lot of the grinds and I can pick his brain … being able to ask him questions, following his journey,” he added. “And more importantly, just watch what he does and add it to myself.”

At the same time, Seth knows that will only get him so far. “You have to produce every day, you have to bring value, or they’re going to get you out of there,” he added.

Seth is definitely standing on his own merits these days. His three-point field goal percentage currently ranks sixth in NBA history, and his talents even helped the Brooklyn Nets make it to the 2023 NBA playoffs.

As for any sibling rivalry, the brothers have squared off against each other from time to time with their respective NBA teams, and Stephen admits that it’s complicated when his success depends on his brother’s failure.

I can’t turn off that human nature, in that moment, to root for him, even if I know it will hurt me,” he told Good Morning America before their teams went head to head in the Western Conference Finals in 2019.

From their athletic upbringing to their respective careers and families, here’s everything to know about baller brothers Stephen and Seth Curry.

They come from basketball royalty

Seth Curry, Dell Curry and Stephen Curry pose for a portrait at the Legends Brunch during the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend

Seth and Stephen were raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, by their mother, Sonya Curry, and father, legendary basketball player Dell Curry. In his 16 years in the NBA, Dell played for five teams and spent 10 seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, retiring as the team’s all-time leader in points. He also snagged the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award in 1994 while with the Hornets.

The duo welcomed Stephen on March 14, 1988. Two years later, his younger brother Seth was born on Aug. 23, 1990. Their sister, Sydel Curry, was born in 1994. While their dad was their inspiration on the court, their mom was the “one to challenge them” as kids.

“You can see her greatest qualities in each and every one of us,” Seth wrote in a press release following the release of Sonya’s May 2022 memoir Fierce Love.

Meanwhile, their dad taught them the importance of giving back. “Every chance he got, he was doing things in the community,” Stephen told PEOPLE in 2021. “He always showed up in a meaningful way.”

Their parents have been extremely supportive of their careers, but find themselves in a tough spot when their sons’ teams go up against each other. “They flipped a coin [to decide which jersey to wear,]” Stephen told ESPN. “And then they both copped out and got the half and half jerseys because I know they were both so invested in both of us.”

Regardless of whether they’re winning or losing, Dell always tunes in. “I watch all their games, whether live or taped, and I try to check in with them every week,” Dell told PEOPLE in April 2023.

They’ve been playing with NBA all-stars since they were kids

Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors, Dell Curry, and Seth Curry on July 26, 2016 at ORACLE Arena

When they were just children, Stephen and Seth had the opportunity to practice with some big-league players — and held their own!

Dell’s final three seasons were spent with the Toronto Raptors from 1999 to 2002, when his boys were preteens. He would often bring them to practice, where they would play with the NBA stars. “Sometimes they would let us jump in shoot around games,” Seth said on Chris Broussard’s In The Zone podcast in 2017.

We have Vince CarterTracy McGrady, Mugsy Bogues, and we were still some of the best shooters in the gym when it came to spot shooting,” he added. “When you would pick teams … we were getting picked before NBA players.”

They used to fight a lot

Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors is guarded by his brother Seth Curry #31 of the Portland Trail Blazers

As kids, Seth told All The Smoke that he and Stephen had a “competitive” relationship. “That competitiveness was in any and everything growing up. It was heated,” he added. “We were fighting. Mom had to come out in the backyard, break up a lot of fights.”

He said that he became “better friends” with his brother in college, but that it was “a dream” to take him on in the Western Conference Finals. “For [most of] the year, I want him to play well; I want to see them win … But when we strap them up and play against each other, it’s the opposite. I’m going out there, trying to shut him down. Want to see them lose. We’re competing; it gets nasty. So, it’s a weird dynamic.”

They’re both family men

Seth Curry and Steph Curry families

Seth and Stephen are both married and have kids of their own.

Stephen married his wife Ayesha Curry in 2011 and welcomed three kids together — Riley in 2012, Ryan in 2015, and Canon in 2018. Stephen is no stranger to bringing his kids along for post-game interviews, and he’s always proud to show them off.

For his part, Seth married Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers, in 2019. They welcomed daughter Carter in May 2018 and son Cash in November 2021.

They were on the same team for a very short time

Stephen Curry and Seth Curry of the Golden State Warriors during Fan Appreciation Day as part of the 2013 Global Games

Seth and Stephen have only played on the same team together for a very short period of time early in Seth’s career — six games, to be exact. Seth joined the Golden State Warriors for a handful of preseason games in 2013, where he got to play with his brother before being waived and later going on to play with the San Francisco Kings.

Stephen has worn the same number throughout his entire run as a Golden State Warrior and his time as a college athlete. The NBA player previously said he wanted to wear #30 in high school as well, but since he couldn’t fit into the uniform, he opted for #20 instead.

Meanwhile, Seth has also donned the family number throughout most of his career, though he temporarily had to switch to #31 when he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, as someone on the team was already using it. After he joined the Nets in 2022, however, he once again began sporting the #30 jersey.

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