Tom Brady Allegedly Spotted With a ‘New Blonde Date’ After Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Veronika Rajek Rumors Die Down

Tom Brady, the biggest superstar in the world of the NFL at the moment, had to suffer quite a lot during the final stages of his career. Not only he churned out poor numbers in his last season, but also ended up separating from his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen after 13 years of marriage.

To add to the 7x Super Bowl champion’s misery, infamous crypto exchange platform FTX, in which he had put a massive chunk of his wealth, recently went bankrupt. Among all the negativity, probably the only positive headlines about Tom which his admirers really liked were about his rumored love interests.

Tom Brady is allegedly dating a blonde celebrity

A few weeks ago, Deuxmoi hinted that Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon, who recently ended her 12 year old marriage with Jim Toth, is dating Brady. As expected, fans of both the celebs went wild. However, they were left disappointed when Reese’s representative categorically denied all the rumors.

However, as soon as beautiful blonde Reese’s name was starting to fade away from Brady stories, another blonde celebrity has made a dramatic entry into the picture. Most recently, Deuxmoi shared a story in which someone had claimed that Tom Brady told one of his close friends that he is indeed dating a blonde who is way more famous than him.

Moreover, it was also clarified in the story that the blonde being talked about here is definitely not Reese Witherspoon. While the name of the celebrity hasn’t been disclosed yet, it is just a matter of time before the internet ghouls figure out which celeb is being referred to here.

However, one must also keep in mind that a similar story from a similar source alleged that Tom and Reese might be together and those rumors turned out to be completely false. So, jumping to any conclusions at this point would not be the right thing to do.

Post divorce, Tom Brady has been linked with several celebrities

As soon as Gisele and Tom’s separation was officially announced, rumors about different celebs dying to date him started spreading like wildfire. Several betting apps released their odds regarding who is most likely to date the champion QB and in that list, Taylor Swift’s name appeared right on top.

In fact, several Swift fans also wanted her to date the superstar QB. However, Taylor-Brady dating rumors died down as soon as Slovakian bombshell Veronika Rajek showered praise on the NFL star through an Instagram post. As expected, none of the parties involved said anything about the rumors but before those speculations could disappear, Hollywood diva Reese Witherspoon jumped into the picture.


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