Max Verstappen Leaves Four Drivers in the Dust as He Could Win the Title Even in a Ferrari

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have shown commanding performances in the opening races of the 2023 F1 season. The dynamic duo have clinched victory in all three races- a strong statement in their quest for championship glory. The Red Bull champ, however, has asserted his dominance and currently enjoys his seat at the top of the driver’s board

However, this calls for the age-old question of the driver and the car. Could Verstappen pull off the same feat if was in some other car? The answer is a resounding yes from former F1 driver Michael Bleekemolen. With Ferrari arguably being the third-fastest car on the grid, Verstappen could be at the top of the table in red as well.

Max Verstappen can do the impossible

Bleekemolen has suggested that Verstappen could clinch the title in a Ferrari and also be able to put the McLaren in a competitive spot at the front of the grid. Casting a shadow of doubt on their performances, this scenario could potentially put Leclerc, Sainz, Norris, and Piastri in an awkward position.

Praising Verstappen’s driving skills, when asked if the Dutch Lion could take the crown in a Ferrari, the NASCAR driver replied, “I would put my money on it. I think so.”

He added, “Who is good, the car or the driver? That’s true in a lot of teams.” Doubling down on his adoration for the Red Bull champ, he continued his compliments. “Put Max in a McLaren, he might be in the middle of the field or even further forward. Who’s to say?”

This is also a commentary on the deplorable season the historic Big Two of F1 are nowhere near big. With Ferrari barely scrapping it past the finish line and McLaren getting accustomed to the back of the grid, the drivers have also taken a big hit from where they were before.

While we might never see Max Verstappen in these cars, the possibility of these scenarios being true is high. The season’s race in Saudi Arabia is a good example why. And so is Verstappen’s career before the 2021 season.

Even when Red Bull wasn’t in the place it’s at today, Verstappen’s relentlessness on the track paired with fearless driving and his tunnel vision to victory; put him in a Williams and it’ll become a threat to the midfield.


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