All Grown Up!”: Years After Reported Pregnancy Scare, Ja Morant and the Mother of His Child Emotional as His Family Member Dazzles on ‘Prom Night’

The last couple of months have been tough for Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies star faced the wrath of social media, pundits, and anyone else with an opinion. Morant flashed a gun on his Instagram live and everything went downhill from there. He was suspended from the NBA, was crucified every day in the public domain, and faced massive financial loss. Now it is all in the past and things are starting to look up for the young star.

Morant has a 3-year-old daughter, Kaari J Morant, who often accompanies her father to his games. The mother of his child, KK Dixon, had a pregnancy scare when she was pregnant with Kaari. Recently, Ja Morant and Dixon got emotional over an Instagram post shared by Morant’s family member, as she dazzled on her prom night.

Ja Morant and KK Dixon get emotional over sister’s prom night pictures

The 23-year-old is known to be a good family man. Even in the apology he made after his recent fiasco, Morant apologized to his family for letting them down. Last year, after Morant had a great game, Kaari did the famous “Griddy” with his teammates. Morant’s daughter had a premature birth, as Dixon suffered from preeclampsia, a type of hypertensive disorder during her 31st month of pregnancy. The misfortune was avoided as the condition often leads to maternal and infant death.

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Morant has an 18-year-old sister, Niya Morant, who is also a basketball player at Houston High School in Germantown. Niya recently shared pictures from her prom night on her Instagram, which left Kaari’s parents in awe. Morant shared his reaction in the comments under the post, he commented, “🔥

Dixon re-shared Niya’s post on her Instagram story. She wrote “All grown up” with heart emojis. Just like her brother, Niya plays at the point guard position and she is considered “tough” in her league.

Will Niya Morant make it into the WNBA?

Although a great ballplayer, Niya stands at 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Niya Morant is a point guard who is swift and agile and who may one day be qualified to play in the WNBA. She belongs to the class of 2023, therefore she is ready to graduate and must decide what she wants to do next. It will be interesting to see what career advice the young star will get from her talented brother in the NBA. Whether she will play through her entire college career and then think of going to the WNBA or will there be any other decision?

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