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Michelle Obama and Oprah to Discuss ‘The Light We Carry’ in New Netflix Special

Six months after the release of her bestselling novel, The Light We Carry, former First Lady Michelle Obama will join Oprah for a Netflix special in which the two women discuss triumphing through difficult times. “The book came from people asking for guidance,” Obama tells Oprah in a new trailer. “When you get to those low, emotional places, it’s hard to find your life.” The 80-minute special, also titled The Light We Carry, will premiere on April 25.

In the clip, Obama talks about relationships, and specifically her marriage to former President Barack Obama: “We have to be honest about real marriage and the work that it takes to build a life with another person,” she says before joking about getting the #RelationshipGoals title on her marriage, but how she was actually mad at Barack in some of the photos with that same tag.

She also discussed the process of cutting off some of her friends after her move to the White House. Oprah comments, “I remember you said, lost oxygen, couldn’t make the climb.” Obama also starts to tell a story about when she and Oprah first became friends, but it’s not in the full trailer.

“The light we carry is in all of us,” Obama says in the clip. “It’s our responsibility to share that light. Going high begets more of it. That’s why we do it

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