Reese Witherspoon can be free to date Tom Brady after she settled over a $1B divorce

Reese's divorce will be a expensive one

Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth are ending their 12-year marriage in a divorce that’s expected to be worth over $1 billion. According to sources close to the couple, they’ve been working on a settlement for months, and they’ve already worked out the “nuts and bolts” of their divorce.

Despite the sale of Reese’s production company Hello Sunshine for $900 million, which they are dividing as part of the divorce settlement, Reese will still be running the company’s day-to-day operations. The company produces the star’s hit show The Morning Show on Apple TV+.

This is the story behind Tom Brady and Reese Witherspoon: Are they dating?

With over $46 million in real estate, including three properties in Nashville and one in California, the couple’s assets could well be over the $1 billion mark. However, sources say that both Reese and Jim want to keep things civil and avoid an ugly custody battle.

The couple will have joint custody of their son

Reese has agreed to joint custody of their 10-year-old son, Tennessee. The couple is reportedly working on a permanent parenting plan that they will submit to the court for approval. Reese has cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split and has stated that the parties entered into a pre-marital agreement in California in 2011, which she believes is valid and enforceable.

Despite the fact that they mixed work with pleasure over the past 12 years, sources say that both Reese and Jim are ready for a fresh start. The divorce process has been described as “tortuous,” but the couple is expected to wrap things up quickly.

“It is with a great deal of care and consideration that we have made the difficult decision to divorce,” Reese and Jim said in a joint statement. “We have enjoyed so many wonderful years together and are moving forward with deep love, kindness, and mutual respect for everything we have created together.”

Divorce is always a difficult and emotional process, even more so when there are significant assets involved. However, it’s possible to end a marriage amicably and with respect for each other. As Reese and Jim have shown, it’s possible to put the past behind and move forward with kindness and mutual respect.

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