Maria Sharapova Got Into Career Threatening Legal Trouble in Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Scam

When reports spiral around big names in the celebrity world it naturally comes off as a shock and Maria Sharapova is one such astonishing name on the list.

The 5-time Grand Slam who in her career span of almost two decades has achieved commendable milestones and established herself as one of the most prominent figures in the WTA Tour, in the past has been involved in a handful of controversies including the time when failed a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open.

Most recently, the former Russian tennis professional has been accused of Real Estate fraud which has led Sharapova to become an interested party to an investigation and damaged her name in the sporting world beyond redemption.

Maria Sharapova (Credit: The Sun)

The former world No.1 to try her hand in the real estate development sector partnered up with an infrastructure company, Homestead, and in hopes of launching a multi-million dollar project in India advocated for the residential property to be class-apart to attract customers.

After initially traveling to India in 2013, Sharapova allegedly launched a project under the name ‘Ballet by Maria Sharapova’, and Homestead Infrastructure used the Russian’s name and images to promote the structure’s ability to provide customers with luxury apartments offering amenities such as a helipad and a tennis court.

In connection to the same, the apartments sold themselves owing to Sharapova’s decorated name and the 35-year-old allegedly minted millions from the apartment bookings. The project, however, never saw the light of day and later at least one of the customers sued Sharapova for fraud, furthermore opening an investigation portal for herself.

Maria Sharapova (Credit: The Spun)
Maria Sharapova (Credit: The Spun)

In 2020, Maria in opposition to every tennis enthusiast and fan’s wishes retired from the sport and walked away from professional tennis for good, and has since then been extremely busy juggling business and fashion.

Maria Sharapova is set to formulate a cultural zeitgeist of sport

In a recent press release by PR Newswire, a mention of ‘The Stagwell Group’ hosting notable athletes from across the globe as part of the 2023 Cannes Lions was made.

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