Emotional Lewis Hamilton Video Goes Viral As Fans Shower Driver With Compliments

Lewis Hamilton's inspiring speech after the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix has garnered praise from fans who believe his positive attitude and leadership skills could make him a strong candidate for a team management role in the future.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, delivered an inspiring speech after the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2018. Hamilton, who won the race along with his teammate Valtteri Bottas, called his team “legends” and urged everyone to refer to themselves in the same way after their impressive performance, via Grand Tour Nation.

Fans of the Briton took to social media to praise his speech, with some even suggesting that Hamilton would make an excellent team leader once he retires from racing

It’s an incredible honour to work with all of you,” he told the team with now Williams team principal James Vowles and Peter ‘Bono’ Bonnington standing to his side. “Seeing you guys after the race, seeing that energy that you guys all had, that happiness can fill a lifetime.

“I really want you to just remember that moment and hold on to it because that’s what’s going to power us to many more championships. Never let that energy drop… I tell you, that propels me.

“This past six years has been epic and iconic. We are now legends. Just remember that. When you go home, when you look in the mirror, when you wake up, say ‘I’m a legend’. You’ve got to say that to yourself: ‘I’m a legend’.

Hamilton’s positive attitude and ability to stay motivated despite setbacks with his car have been noted by fans and critics alike. The Mercedes driver has faced challenges in recent years with the W14 and W13, but his determination and skill have helped turn the car into a successful racer.

Hamilton’s success on the track, combined with his leadership and motivational skills, could make him a strong candidate for a team management role in the future. Only time will tell what path the racing legend will choose after his storied career comes to a close.

Fans were quick to compliment his speech:

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