Nelly Korda or Jessica Korda: Who is richer of the two? Net worth and earnings compared

US golfing sisters Nelly Korda and Jessica Korda are both established names on the international golf circuit. While it is almost impossible to differentiate one from the other, Jessica is older than Nelly by five years.

Although they are in the same game, there is no rivalry of sorts between them. Being brilliant golfers, the siblings have been associated with huge brands; some of them are even common between the two, like Titleist and Grant Thornton. Jessica, being the older one, joined the LPGA tour in 2011, while Nelly turned pro in 2016.

The difference in their playing years will definitely result in their net worth so far. So, here’s comparing the net worth of Nelly and Jessica Korda.

What is Nelly Korda’s net worth?

Nelly Korda (Image via Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Nelly Korda (Image via Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

According to Forbes, one of the highest-paid athletes in 2021 will be Nelly Korda, who earns about $5.9 million annually.

While her on course earnings can be approximated to be $2.4 million according to reports, like many athletes the majority of her income comes from sponsorships.

She is sponsored by Titleist, Grant Thorton, Richard Mille, Cisco, UKG, J. Lindeberg, Franklin Templeton, and Whoop. Korda has earned around $3.5 million from the sponsorship deals in 2021.

According to, her career earnings are $7,455,977. Her net worth can be estimated at $3.5 million.

What is Jessica Korda’s net worth?

Jessica Korda (Image via Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Jessica Korda (Image via Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

One of the top names in golf, Jessica Korda has career earnings of $4,543,454 according to

Ever since her debut in 2011, she has won several awards and titles. With her excellent track record, she has been associated with multiple big brands.

She endorses brands such as Titleist, Grant Thorton, Adidas Golf, TaylorMade, TAG Heuer, and LivPur, amongst others.

She is also the sports ambassador for Spain’s leading dermotological company, ISDIN, and a partner at leading tech company PROUnlimited.

Her net worth is around $5 million.

Who is richer: Nelly Korda or Jessica Korda?

While both the talented sisters have amassed impressive wealth for themselves, there is a difference in their net worth.

While Nelly has a net worth of $3.5 million, Jessica has a net worth of $5 million.

That means, so far, Jessica Korda is richer than Nelly Korda. In the coming years, Nelly might catch up to her elder sister.

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