It’s a Positive Social Media Platform’: LPGA Star Lexi Thompson Announces a Major Partnership For Her Fans

After making her fans crazy with her looks and fitness routines on Instagram, Lexi Thompson is back with another teaser. The way Netflix docuseries, Full Swing narrated the stories of different golfers, Thompson is also doing something similar. Her new Instagram post was an announcement about the collaboration, which will allow her fans to connect with her. She has already won many hearts, and the pro is ready to win more.

How will fans get closer to Lexi Thompson?

The youngest golfer to qualify for women’s US Open has taken another shot in her golf career. But this time, it is not on greens but online. Thompson has joined Airwayz, a platform where fans can learn about their favorite athletes closely. Her Instagram posts were already the talk of the town, and now this video is another gift for her fans. In the latest Instagram post, she can be seen swinging her club and hitting the ball followed by a pose. She also explained the new chapter of her life and why she joined the platform.

The LPGA Tour pro explained the reason and said, “I chose to be on airways because it’s a positive social media platform that I can reach out to all my fans to give them an insight look of what I go through in the day-to-day.” But that won’t be it. She will also be giving tips to her fans. “how to hit certain shots or workouts I do in the gym. And what makes me stronger mentally, physically,” said Thompson.

One must wonder why she needed to connect with her fans now. Thompson explained that also and said, “Because a lot of people don’t see that part of it. And I think it’ll really give fans a great look of my life outside the golf course as well.” Her mental struggles and how she coped will also be part of the platform. But it is not all going to be about the downfalls. She will also share her victories with her fans. The pro golfer loves the platform as she believes it is a great way to reach out to everyone supporting her.

What is Airwayz?

Thompson’s new partner, Airwayz is a toxic-free online platform where fans can connect with world-class athletes and hear their personal stories. They can also connect with their favorite athletes via pro sessions and learn the tips and tricks to improve their game. If fans subscribe to the early access of their website, they can get behind-the-scenes and lifestyle updates on the athletes. Q&A sessions and live streams will also be part of the site.


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