I’m more humble now’: Why Ja Morant says he’s changing his ways on postgame interviews

Ja Morant is changing his approach in interviews.

Whether it was his infamous, “We run the chimney,” and, “We ain’t ducking no smoke,” quotes from last season, or, “I’m fine in the west” this season, Morant has often created a memorable soundbite.

After the Memphis Grizzlies lost 141-132 against the Los Angeles Clippers, however, Morant was asked if he believed the Clippers, who made 22 3-pointers, could replicate that shooting performance Friday when the two teams play again.

I plead the fifth,” Morant said. “I’m more humble in my interviews now. I said one thing early on and they just continue to run with it.”

Morant is likely referencing his “fine in the west” quote from December. Since then, Morant has been asked about the statement in multiple interviews.

This isn’t the first time Morant has opted against answering a question to avoid possible backlash.

On Sunday in Atlanta, a reporter asked Morant what music he was listening to in his headphones, and Morant responded by saying, “we’re keeping that in house.” Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless recently criticized Morant’s usage of rap lyrics he often repeats after a game.

Morant led the Grizzlies with 36 points on 11-for-28 shooting on Wednesday. He had eight turnovers. After playing with restrictions in the first three games, this was the first time Morant topped 30 minutes since returning from an eight-game suspension. He played 35 minutes, 17 seconds.

“We got to move slow,” Morant said. “We got to be smart. Tonight was me trying to be out there helping us come up with a win. A little fatigued late in the game, but it’s a good one to have my first minutes like that under my belt now.”


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