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I Don’t Think Anyone’s Ready for That”- Maria Sharapova Refuses to Act in Hollywood Movies After Tennis Retirement

The world of tennis lost a fine athlete when Maria Sharapova decided to hang her racket for good in 2020 after having competed in the circuit for nearly two decades.

Considered one of the most promising professionals in the WTA Tour, Sharapova peaked at the top of the WTA ranking charts and cliched a total of 5 Grand Slam titles to her name before retiring.

Despite leaving professional tennis behind, the Russian remains a regular with the sport and unlike many other retired professionals, has no interest in paving her way through the decorated halls of Hollywood cinema.

Maria Sharapova (Credit: Essentially Sports)
Maria Sharapova (Credit: Essentially Sports)

Sharapova has often been looked upon for both her spectacular performances and also for her attractiveness, and yet according to the former world No. 1, she does not want to partake in making a Hollywood debut ever

In an exclusive video of Maria with GQ Sports, she browses discreetly through the internet and tries to connect with her fans through the internet. While answering their queries, she stumbled upon one of her potential fans’ questions about her, asking “Hollywood debut?” to which the Russian immediately shuts down any expectations of her admirers for the same.

Replying to the same, Sharapova confessed that she does not possess the talent deemed important for acting saying “No, I don’t think anyone’s ready for that. I don’t think you’re ready for that. I think we’ll just leave it to what I’m up to, and what I’m good at. You got to admit the things that you’re not good at

For the global tennis community and her fans, the intriguing question remains to identify if not acting then what does the Russian resort doing in her leisure time now that she’s retired.

How does Maria Sharapova spend her post-retirement days?

Five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova seems to always love playing the high-stakes game regardless of what profession she chooses.

An athlete as successful and heeding with an acclaimed status as Maria is unlikely to run out of monetary assets for a long time but that doesn’t mean she can’t do anything to further her fortune.

The 35-year-old is the co-founder and sole owner of a high-end candy company ‘Sugarpova‘ which she founded in 2014 and has successfully marketed amongst consumers, building a healthy name for it.


Apart from managing her company, Sharapova also devotes her time strategically advising the board of members of a tech wellness brand ‘Theragun’ and helps them identify potentially optimal points in the market they can aim for.

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