Hours After Beach Football, Camile Kostek Drops Four-Word ‘Life’ Message to Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady looks like making the most of his retired life. He can finally spend time with his friends on the beach to play beach football. The legendary QB recently got together with a bunch of his ex-teammates to enjoy a day soaking in sun and sand. The day that started with a friends’ reunion prompted Camille Kostek to drop a four-word life message to best friends Brady and Rob Gronkowski

The QB hung up his cleats at the end of the 2022 season after 23 years on the field. Although he played a lot of elite football during his time dominating the NFL, there’s nothing like a fun-filled day playing ball with your pals.

Camille Kostek celebrates the Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski friendship

Model Camile Kostek has the perfect words for her boyfriend Rob Gronkowski and NFL GOAT Tom Brady on their friendship. Hours after both of them reunited with their friends on a beach, Kostek posted a short video of a collage of photos featuring the QB and the TE. And it took her just four words to describe the duo.

“Bad boys for life,” Kostek wrote on her Instagram story. Brady was prompt with his reply. “You know it,” the seven-time Super Bowl champion said while resharing Kostek’s post. Of course, TB12, the fans know it too.

Brady and Gronkowski have a history that goes back to their New England Patriots days, during which they won a total of four Super Bowls, three of which were with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers. So it’s no surprise that when Brady decided to throw an unofficial retirement party at his Tampa residence, Gronk was the first person he invited. Of course, they weren’t the only ones enjoying the beach that day.

A Patriots reunion

Remember when the Patriots came from behind to win Super Bowl LI?

The Atlanta Falcons led the game 3-28 before Tom Brady and Co launched a comeback of the ages and won it 34-28. The main orchestrators of that comeback, Brady, Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman, all reunited on March 28, the date that denotes the score

Brady took to sharing photos of his gang enjoying a fun day out on the beach in various styles. Among the crew was Jeffery Soffer, who some reports linked romantically with Gisele Bündchen. The quarterback’s eldest son, Jack, was also spotted having a blast by the shore

The fans loved to see their favorite stars together. Will the fans get to see them doing these reunions regularly? They might as well charge some tickets for beach admission that day.

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