What Is Stephen Curry’s Vertical?

Stephen Curry had a vertical jump of 35.5 inches heading into the NBA

Stephen Curry is the veteran leader of the Golden State Warriors and is nicknamed the baby-faced assassin. Few can deny that he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest long-range shooter that the NBA has ever seen. Curry has been in the league for 13 years now and is still performing at an elite level entering Year 14.

Although Steph’s shooting abilities and handles are considered on par with the best players in the NBA, the same cannot be said about his vertical jump. All NBA fans know that having a good vertical is essential, especially amongst shorter players if they wish to remain competitive and not be a liability for their team. That said, fans should certainly want to know what Steph’s vertical jump is in terms of inches.

Stephen Curry had a vertical jump of 35.5 inches heading into the NBA

It turns out that Curry might not be one of the better high-flying athletes in the NBA. According to the NBA draft combine reports from 2010, which is the year Steph joined the league, he has a standing vertical jump of 29.5 inches and a maximum vertical jump of 35.5 inches.

To those who do not know, a standing vertical jump refers to how high an athlete can jump into the air without a  gather step or run up. The maximum vertical jump is measured with a full run-up using either a one-foot or two-foot approach. While Curry’s vertical might not be the most impressive, he still jumps 7.5 inches higher when compared to an average NBA player. It would also interest fans to know that Curry technically jumps higher than his former teammate Kevin Durant, who measured a 35-inch vertical jump.

The only reason Steph cant throw down dunks like KD is because of the significant height difference. Moreover, Curry’s vertical isn’t all that impressive when compared to some of the more explosive and athletic point guards in the league. Russell Westbrook had a slightly better vertical at 36.5 inches. Ja Morant is way better than Steph in terms of jumping with a 44-inch vertical jump.



In fact, the only notable point guard with a worse vertical jump than Steph is Kyrie Irving who has a 34.5-inch max jump. However, both Steph and Kyrie have incredible skill sets that allow them to compensate for this lack of height. Nonetheless, they can still throw down dunks and get high enough in the air to get a block if the occasion arises

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