Paige Spiranac regrets tweet after receiving X-rated responses

Commented on Will Zalatoris' unsuccessful putting stroke

It took Paige Spiranac just a few seconds to realise that she made a mistake in terms of her choice of words on a tweet about Will Zalatoris‘ unsuccessful putting stroke.

Spiranac shared a clip showing Zalatoris missing a short putt on fourth during the first round of the WGC Match Play

This made me gag,” she said on Twitter.

After receiving numerous X-rated responses, she explained that she “hit send on the tweet then immediately regretted my choice of words.”

Paige has more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram and several fans have asked her to make an OnlyFans account, where should could share exclusive content.

Spiranac has created her own OnlyPaige platform, but she explained that it has nothing to do with nudity.

“No, there is no nudity on OnlyPaige,” Spiranac said recently.

“I think some people get confused because it is OnlyPaige and it was a cheeky name to make fun of OnlyFans.

“Because I get asked to do OnlyFans all the time by people. So I wanted it to be very tongue-in-cheek. There is no nudity, and that is on purpose.

“I also think that implied nudity and not showing everything is actually sexier, so people can use their imagination.

“And that is something I will always continue to do, I have no issues with implied nudity at all. I just never want to show those parts of my body and I never will do that.

“I also just think it is not beneficial to my business schools and how I see my career unfolding in the next five, 10, 15 years.

It is not a knock on anyone that does that. It is just a preference that I never want to do and also because I had such a traumatic experience with the picture that got leaked and that was really hard on me.

So for that reason, there is no nudity, and also there is more value on OnlyPaige than just seeing a nipple.

“I try to provide so much value on OnlyPaige as the instructional content really shines. We are also doing giveaways. There is so much more on there that brings value than just seeing a t***y.”

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