How Much Will It Cost You To Fight Mike Tyson? – “1 Billion”

An Instagram page named, ‘miketysonloyal’ recently shared a rather interesting post. The picture showed Tyson getting out of a police truck while dressed in a prison outfit. Another eye-catching feature of the picture was the pink handcuffs that he wore.

In this caption, fans were also asked how much money they would take to fight Tyson.

Boxing fans were divided about the prospect of fighting ‘Iron’ Mike. And, a lot of them responded to the ‘offer’ in the comments. User alexandre_alliel was quick to exclaim, “Prison Tyson …hell no.”

Meanwhile, a few fans had some monetary requests.

The user said, “1 Billion.”
“1 million minimum.”

However, user scarduzioandrea was sure of the outcome. He said, “What good is money if you’re dead?”

Similarly, a few users also pitched in on the possible outcome of the fight. User @deafropanier said, “No one would survive this fight! No way- never ever.”

Another user @emlo_47 said, “No thanks I’m trynna stay alive.”

On the other hand, a few other users had a few intriguing demands. User @hugosp.t mentioned, “One gun and 12 bullets minimum.”

Meanwhile, user @virdexcateringequip wished for more brawn, “I’d need 100 lbs. of muscles and a few inches.”

However, user @urban.mtnman was a little too confident about his skills. He said, “20 grand and I would f him up.”

There is no denying that it requires a monstrous amount of courage and an equal amount of stupidity to ever face ‘Iron’ Mike in the ring, irrespective of his age.

Would you face Tyson inside the ring?

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