Jimmy Garoppolo reveals how Tom Brady left him starstruck during first Patriots encounter

Jimmy Garoppolo recently signed with the Las Vegas Raiders in free agency. After they decided to move to different quarterbacks last year, he went into the market and has emerged a Raider for at least three years.

There, he will reunite with his former offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels. McDaniels helmed the New England Patriots’ offense that Garoppolo was a part of when he first came into the league.

Along with McDaniels, seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady was on the team, and that left the young Garoppolo a bit awestruck.

Garoppolo said via ESPN:

“I don’t know if it was planned, but I swear he planned it — Tom Brady walked in. And I thought it would throw me off a little bit because I had never met him before, and a little starstruck. But yeah, he walked out, and Josh kept going with the teaching. That was our first interaction.”

Now, Brady is retired, so Garoppolo will be McDaniels’ starter for the first time since starting twice in Brady’s absence in 2016.

Las Vegas Raiders thrilled to have Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo signed with the Las Vegas Raiders for three years. Over his career, he’s won a lot of games. He’s one of three active quarterbacks who has a .700 or better win percentage.

Jimmy Garoppolo joined the Raiders
Jimmy Garoppolo joined the Raiders

Many Raiders are pleased with his addition, but perhaps none more so than former Patriots teammate Phillip Dorsett, who said:

He’s a winner. Everywhere he’s been, he’s won games. I mean, I feel like that’s the most important stat for quarterbacks, just going out there and just winning and making the right plays at the right time … his record speaks for itself. He’s a guy that plays the game the right way.”

He continued:

“He goes out there, he makes the right play, he makes a smart play, and he’s a winner and I love playing with him. I was only with him for a little bit in New England and he left that big of an impression on me.”

Will Garoppolo’s winning ways continue in Las Vegas?

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