Iga Swiatek: I love making Lego sets but they usually break during the flight

Swiatek reveals making Lego sets is something she does when she wants to switch her mind off tennis.

Iga Swiatek reveals she enjoys making Lego sets and that’s something she did in Indian Wells when she wanted to relax a bit. Swiatek, ranked at No 1 in the world, is mostly focused on tennis activities throughout the day.

But when Swiatek wants to switch off from tennis, she usually makes a Lego set or reads a book. “Oh, that’s a nicer question (smiling). Like most of the time I read. Actually, I didn’t have to like come up with many ideas on this tournament, because, like, the tournament made it really special for me.

We really stayed in a nice place. They even bought ukulele for us (smiling). It was really fun. I did like two sets of Legos. I wanted to really keep my mind busy and not think about tennis. Yeah, so it’s different stuff. But for sure I feel like on the road sometimes it’s easier to rest than when you’re at home, because also, you know, when I’m at home, like most of my free time I’m spending sometimes, you know, working on the other part of my career, you know, like business-wise.

Actually, this time, like before the tournaments, it’s like a chill time with some quality practices. I really like, it,” Swiatek said.

Swiatek: My Lego sets usually break during the flight

After Swiatek revealed that she enjoys making Lego sets, one reporter asked what she does after she makes a Lego set.

Swiatek then revealed that she actually brings Lego sets with her but they usually break during the flight back home. “No, I actually travel with them, and they break during the flight usually, so I have to do them again at home.

That’s the process,” Swiatek said. Meanwhile, Swiatek exited Indian Wells following a semifinal defeat to Elena Rybakina. Next up for Swiatek is the Miami Open, where she is the defending champion.

Iga Swiatek

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