Paige Spiranac fans focus elsewhere as she shows how to improve golf swing

Spiranac also recently explained why she will not pose in the nude on her 'OnlyPaige'

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac had fans drooling over her tiny outfit in a Twitter video she shared Monday to show how to hit a draw with one small change.

Spiranac, 29, uses screenshots of her entire shot to show where to place one’s feet, how to hold the club and when to swing.

Paige Spiranac converts golf haters to lovers with new sexy instructional video

When one user judged Spiranac for her choice of golf club to hit a draw, she clapped back with an amazing zinger.

“You should be able to work every club in your bag,” Spiranac said. “Sorry you can’t hit a draw with a short iron.”

That comment was one of the few actually focusing on the golf tip, while every other fan focused on how her bodysuit accentuates all the right places.

Paige Spiranac responds to haters

Spiranac’s next tweet was seemingly taking a shot at those who had an issue with her outfit in the video.

“There’s a lot going on in the world that should bother you and offend you,” Spiranac tweeted. “Boobs ain’t one of them.”

Spiranac has constantly battle online trolls who wants to bring her down for showing off her body.

Even though she is popular due to her physique, it’s safe to say that she loves golf and teaching fans about the sport.

Paige Spiranac building an empire

The swing was a success, as the ball traveled digitally for over 150 yards, proving her technique is elite.

Spiranac also recently explained why she will not pose in the nude on her “OnlyPaige,” an OnlyFans spinoff website created by the golf influencer.

Because people ask me to do OnlyFans all the time, so I wanted it to be very ironic,” Spiranac said. “There’s no nudity and that’s on purpose. I also think that implied nudity and not showing everything is actually sexier and being able to use your imagination and that’s something I’ll always continue to do.

I have no problem with nudity, I just never want to show those parts of my body and never will. I also don’t think it’s beneficial to my business goals and how I see my career developing in the next five to 20 years.”

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