Tom Brady returns to the NFL: The actions and inactions that could make this a reality, according to reports

The seven-time Super Bowl winner announced that he will no longer play professional football

Ayear ago just like now, the idea that Tom Brady will no longer play in the NFL was what we were all convinced, however, after 40 days of saying goodbye in 2022, the seven-time Super Bowl winner decided to repent. The same could happen in 2023, especially if one goes by his actions and omissions, as one report indicates.

Why Tom Brady could return for his 24th season

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe has done a thorough analysis of some clues that the quarterback may not rule out returning for his 24th season in the NFL, and it’s essentially based on two issues, one that it was an action, the other a detail he didn’t do that directly impacts his last team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

First came the news from Brady that he won’t begin his broadcasting career at Fox until 2024,” Volin said. “Then came what Brady didn’t do: sign a new contract with the Buccaneers to give them relief from the $35.1 million dead salary-cap hit he leaves for 2023. Brady could easily help out the Buccaneers by signing a contract worth the minimum salary, waiting to retire until after June 1, and spreading out the $35 million over multiple years.”

Doubts about Tom Brady’s immediate future

From rookie to veteran, this is the physical evolution of Tom Brady

According to Volin’s version, if TB12 wanted to return, the report that indicates that the reason for the University of Michigan graduate and former New England Patriots player is to spend more time with his three children and even to win back the love of his ex-wife, Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen, would have to be discarded.

Based on this information and Tom Brady’s actions last year, it is impossible to deny that the doubt about a possible regret is justified, the only thing that seems certain is that, if it happens, it will not be with the Bucs.

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