Max Verstappen gets ranked among the GOATs by Felipe Massa

Over the last two seasons, Max Verstappen has been gaining immense success with the resources Red Bull is providing him. Moreover, it’s not definite that he has hit his career peak, as he is still 25 and could only get better

So, it could be said that more exploits by the Dutchman could be expected. With his two back-to-back titles, there are talks of him being included in the greatest of all-time list.

The people with whom he has been competing are far ahead in achievements, except Ayrton Senna, who now only has one more title and six more wins than Verstappen. The Dutch race driver can beat both figures by the end of this year.

Max Verstappen gets ranked among the GOATs by Felipe Massa

Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa is among the ex-F1 stars who have started to recognize the greatness of Verstappen. According to him, the Red Bull superstar is at par with Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Senna.

“He is the best driver, with the best car and the best team,” said Massa. “You can compare him to Schumacher, Hamilton and Senna in their golden times. He can still win many titles.”

With 15 wins this season, Verstappen overtook several great drivers in the race wins list. It was one of the most dominant exhibitions in the sport’s history.

Replicating the 2022 season in 2023?

The 2023 season brings in Red Bull as the favorites, as they have clearly mastered the new aerodynamic regulations. But their wind tunnel penalty could bite them back against Ferrari’s development.

However, if Red Bull and Ferrari are at par in 2023, it’s more likely that Verstappen will overpower Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. That’s the consistency of the 35 Grand Prix winner.

But going favorite doesn’t mean you are likely to win the season. Leclerc also has the calibre to be a world champion, but it would only be easier for him if he gets a car with an edge over Red Bull.

On the other hand, Mercedes are eyeing to be back in championship contention. They have Lewis Hamilton, who has the experience of winning seven titles, so if he has a car that can go for the wins, the championship race can be extremely exciting.


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