F1 Max Verstappen Girlfriend: Everything To Know About Kelly Piquet

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen has taken over the world of F1 in the past two seasons with his glorious back-to-back titles and records.

The advisor of the Milton-Keynes-based team, Helmut Marko brought the Dutchman into F1 as a child prodigy. Verstappen became the youngest F1 driver to ever participate in an F1 race at the age of 17 in 2015.

And ever since then, he had been tipped to become a world champion with the Red Bull F1 team.

The achievements of the 25-year-old F1 star on the track are not hidden from an F1 enthusiast and neither is his personal life. Recently, his girlfriend – Kelly Piquet – was under the spotlight for a variety of reasons.

Who is Kelly Piquet?

Kelly Piquet is a Brazilian model and has officially been dating the Dutchman since the end of 2020. The 34-year-old model is also the daughter of the former 3-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

Piquet Sr. also came into the spotlight recently for racist comments he made about Lewis Hamilton.

Kelly also has a daughter Penelope with a former F1 driver, who was also replaced by Verstappen in the 2016 season. Piquet used to date Daniil Kvyat before she broke up with him for unknown reasons.

Verstappen and Piquet declared their relationship on social media in the early stages of 2021 in an Instagram post.

Piquet sparked controversy

Recently, Kelly was on the cover of the Dutch edition of Vogue magazine with the caption “pole position.”

It was an edition focusing on “Women in motorsports” and fans were heated over the fact that Kelly was the woman chosen for this particular edition.

Fans across social media were of the opinion that Vogue should have roped in an actual driver instead of the model.

Piquet getting featured triggered the statement that the source of attention to women in motorsports is either attractiveness or through their famous partners instead of their own talents as a driver

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