Despite Escaping a Violent Robbery, Tiger Woods Still Managed To See the Lighter Side of the Serious Incident

After 27 years of devotion to golf, Tiger Woods lives a life of luxury. Nearly every sports fan is aware of the Billionaire golfer. However, two years before his professional debut in the PGA Tour, Woods was knocked, robbed, and had a knife to his throat during a night at Stanford University. Let’s take a look at how the Hall of Famer reacted to the incident.

While playing golf, Tiger is surrounded by hundreds and thousands who follow the 15-time Major from hole to hole. However, when not playing the sport he mastered, Woods could be found by himself with no one around.

Though it may not be a possibility currently, years before the commencement of his road to the pinnacle of the sport, a teen Tiger, like any other commoner was mugged.

Tiger Woods’ humorous response after being robbed

In 1994, Woods was the most renowned amateur golfer in the world. At age 18, he became the youngest golfer to win the US Amateur Championship. He also was named Los Angeles Times’ Player of the year. However, a year later, the same media outlet reported the news of Tiger being mugged.

Golf – The 150th Open Championship – Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, Britain – July 12, 2022 Tiger Woods of the U.S. during a press conference REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

As per the LA Times’ report, in the fall of 1994, Tiger Woods’ walked into the parking lot of Stanford University and was met with an unprecedented company. The then-teenage golfer was held with a knife on his throat, punched in the face, and knocked to the ground. The robbers stole the golden chain which Woods was wearing.

Following the traumatic night, Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, had a phone call with the future 15-time Major winner. Unlike many, despite being robbed, Tiger still had a comical take on the whole incident. “I talked to him at 2 a.m. the night after the incident,” said Earl to the Los Angeles Times.

Tiger Woods with his father Earl Woods at the trophy presentation of The Target (Photo by Scott Clarke/WireImage)

He shared that in the phone call, the young Woods trolled himself by saying, “Pops, you know that overbite I had? It’s gone. My teeth are perfectly aligned”. And just like that, Tiger Woods moved on with his life, and turned pro two years later, eventually becoming one the most notable face on the planet.

Even after a terrifying incident, Tiger Woods took a humorous approach to the situation. This depicted his character and outlook toward life and career, which helped him in racking 82 professional wins and standing out from the rest of the field. Perhaps, if Tiger was still traumatized about that night from Stanford University, we may have never witnessed his glory in the first place.


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