A can’t-miss tip for golfers using an interlocking grip

Maybe because Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus use it, there are millions of golfers who go with an interlocking grip. While you can’t argue that it didn’t work for two of the greatest players of all time, an interlocking hold is fraught with danger for most rec players.

The main problem is that those who interlock tend to take their grip by placing their hands on the handle at the same time. It sounds innocuous, but that makes it easy to get the handle too deep in your right palm, which can limit wrist hinge and release. I’m not here to tell you not to interlock. But, if you do, take steps to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

For starters, begin by placing your left hand on the handle first. Then add the right. Once your left hand is set, slide your right hand onto the handle, connecting the lifeline of your right palm to the side of your left thumb. Straighten your left index finger, then interlock it with your right pinkie. Finish by wrapping the remaining fingers of your right hand around the grip. Now, you’re solid. Just avoid unnecessary adjustments as you settle into your stance — another interlock bugaboo to avoid.

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