Kissed Me Right on the Lips” – ‘Anti-Social’ Brock Lesnar Got Intimate Backstage With a WWE Legend After a Show in 2003

In the year 2003, WWE built an excellent plotline for Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. Both superstars were involved in an interesting feud. And this feud resulted in some classic matches between the two wrestlers.

The on-screen rivalry between The Beast Incarnate and the Olympic Gold Medalist led to the birth of a wonderful friendship between the two. Often this duo was seen involved in doing some goofy stuff. Recently, Angle shared his experience involving Lesnar, which left him baffled

In one of Kurt Angle’s recent podcasts, he revealed an interesting incident when The 7-Time WWE Champion’s actions left him startled. King Kurt told the WWE Universe that The Beast shockingly kissed him after a WWE event.

Angle said that the incident took place after they both “had an incredible match,” in a SmackDown episode of 2003. Angle said, “I remember Brock; he put his hand out to shake my hand and of course, me being the babyface, shook his hand. Then he put his hands out like he wanted to hug, and we hugged. And then he grabbed my face and kissed me right on the lips.” 

This “shocked the sh** out” of Angle. The Wrestling Machine added, “Of all people to do it, Brock Lesnar? Like, he never does this kind of stuff, so it was like, ‘Does he really like me?’ I started questioning if Brock really liked me or not!”

The Former UFC Champion keeps his outside-the-ring life private. He tends to stay away from out-of-character interviews. Because of this, he has always envied Kane, real name, Glenn Jacobs. Lesnar was jealous of Kane because he wore a mask and could keep his identity hidden from the public

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