F1 Michael Schumacher revealed why he didn’t attend Ayrton Senna’s funeral

In his first few years in the sport, Michael Schumacher had a close rivalry with Ayrton Senna which on several occasions also led to crashes.

Senna was at the top of his game when Schumacher made his debut in F1. The Brazillian was a 3-time world champion and Schumacher, who had proved himself to be an amazing talent was threatening his position on the grid.

But over the period, Schumacher revealed that their relationship had gotten better in 1994. That was the season which brought the horrific San Marino Grand Prix where Senna saw an end to his life.

A huge funeral was held for the Brazilian star with the entire country flooding the streets in respect. Several high-profile personalities made their appearance to pay homage to Senna but Schumacher was nowhere to be seen.

Why didn’t Michael Schumacher attend Senna’s funeral?

Schumacher was distraught after Senna’s death. His perspective of racing had changed and he was left questioning his future as a racing driver.

Just a day before Senna’s crash, Roland Ratzenberger had passed away in yet another racing incident. Left with all these traumatic incidences happening to his peers, Schumacher even thought of quitting the sport.

Speaking to, the German driver said that he intensely thought about the deaths of the drivers and he was questioning himself. He revealed that was one of the reasons he didn’t go to Senna’s funeral.

Also, he said that he didn’t want to mourn in public. “I visited Ayrton’s grave later with Corinna,” he added.


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