Stefanos Tsitsipas identifies area in which Novak Djokovic is one of a kind

Tsitsipas taking lessons from Djokovic's book as he aims to reach the new heights in 2023.

Stefanos Tsitsipas thinks Novak Djokovic is the definition of professionalism and admits he can learn from the Serb. Djokovic, who will be turning 36 in May, is still a very dominant figure in the game and he is still one of the healthiest and best-prepared players on the Tour.

Djokovic’s work ethic, diet, and training regime are well-documented and everyone knows it’s not a coincidence that he is still looking like a youngster. “He is the toughest and the most consistent. A perfectionist who took tennis to another kind of level.

His diet, his physical work, the stretching, and his professionalism in every single area. I don’t think there is a single thing that he hasn’t thought of. Even the analysis I’ve heard from him. Novak is very advanced,” Tsitsipas said.


Tsitsipas says he can learn from Djokovic

Tsitsipas, ranked at No 4 in the world, has never been ranked higher than No 3 in the world. In 2023, Tsitsipas will be aiming to become a Grand Slam champion and reach the top spot.

Tsitsipas considers himself a professional but admits he can learn from Djokovic and become even more professional. “Once I get my mind around that and become more professional, even more than I already am, it shouldn’t be an accident to get to number one.

I know my abilities as an athlete and how much I have worked,” Tsitsipas said. For 2022, Tsitsipas’ two biggest goals were winning a Grand Slam and reaching the top spot. Going into the 2022 ATP Finals, Tsitsipas had a shot at finishing the year as the top-ranked player in the world.

Had Tsitsipas gone 5-0 at the ATP Finals – won three group stage and then the semifinal and final matches – he would have replaced Carlos Alcaraz at the top spot. But since Tsitsipas went 1-2 and didn’t even make it past the group stage, he finished the year ranked at No 4. If Tsitsipas wants to win the Australian Open in January, he will likely have to make it past Djokovic.

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