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Sugar Ray Robinson was an American professional boxer and one of the greatest pugilists the world has ever produced. With over 100 knockouts and a stat of 175-19-6, the boxer had achieved something which no one can think of. He fought in 4 weight divisions during his time. The Great Muhammad Ali also regarded Sugar Ray Robinson as the greatest ever.

Mike Tyson, aka the ‘Iron Mike’ recently appeared in an interview and he heaped praise on Ray Robinson. In the interview he was asked about Floyd Mayweather, “ You know Floyd is a bad boy, he is 50-0” the interviewer said

By interrupting him in the middle, Tyson replied, “I’m not saying Floyd is any bad. I think he might be a champion. Sugar Ray Robinson has a 175-1, and like 85 knockouts. And that was not even the end of his career, that was in the middle of his career.”

It depicts a clear image of how dominant Ray Robinson was in the ring. Floyd might be a champion but he hasn’t had as many fights as Ray Robinson, and Tyson wanted to point this out. Do the fans also think the same, let’s find out.

All the fans were on the same path as Mike Tyson. They upvoted Tyson’s take on Floyd Mayweather and also think the same.

One fan has said, “Damn Mike shutting down the whole world with that one”

“Mike is a true student of the game. Man’s is like a boxing/ combat historian.”

The baddest man on the planet knows exactly what he is talking about.” “Sugar Ray Robbinson is the pound-for-pound boxing GOAT.”

Will we get another hero like Sugar Ray Robinson in the future? What do you think?

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