Did Not Have to Step on Our Necks Like That”: Simone Biles Leaves Fans Drooling Over Her Shiny Green Outfit Ahead of Christmas

Simone Biles is one of the greatest athletic personalities in the world. The four-time gold medalist aces fashion in her athleisure and daily looks as well. In her recent Instagram post, Biles invited people to comment on her Christmas Eve look. Undoubtedly, her look attracted several adorable reactions from fans.

Biles is an expert in pulling off any kind of dress. She has fantastic grace and elegance, making her stand out in whatever outfit she wears. On Christmas Eve, Biles donned a velvet green off-shoulder bodycon dress. Moreover, she uplifted her look by pairing it with minimal jewelry and sparkling white nails. Check out how fans reacted to it.

A confident poser, Simone Biles took to Instagram to show her fans her Christmas Eve dress. The gymnast shared two pictures in a carousel format. She also added a caption with her image wanting to hear her fans’ opinions on her dress that said, “let’s hear some commotion for the dress.” Of course, as soon as she uploaded the picture, her comment section was filled with only love for Simone’s look. Take a look at what fans thought of it.

Firstly, gymnasts, Trinity Thomson and Olivia Greaves shared their adorable views on Simone’s looks. The former stated, “Ooouuu girl 😍,”  whereas the latter commented excitedly, “Yes!!” Fans showed love for the dress in various ways. One commented, “I’ve had a bad day of people trying to tell me what to wear and I’m living for your dress and living for your unapologetic self love babeeeyyyyyy.”

Another wanted to see the backside of the off-shoulder dress. They said, “now let’s hear it for the back of the dress!!” While some loved the holiday-themed color green, “Love it. Green accents you really well,” others were in complete awe of how beautiful Simone looked in it. One wrote, “Did not have to step on our necks like that.” Indeed Simone did slay in her dress. Fans must have begun shopping for a similar dress as hers.

Simone had to change her fashion game after becoming famous

Biles rose to massive fame due to her Olympic achievements. She had to visit many gatherings and meetings post her unbelievable gymnastics master strokes. The sudden shift in her lifestyle made her realize that she needs to change her fashion game.

Previously, she loved wearing sweatpants and joggers but she eventually had to disown them. Biles made more apt choices with her dressing sense with respect to the demands that entailed the kind of event or situation she is attending. Which is your favorite Simone Biles look?


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