Verstappen’s Honda Civic sold for more than estimated va

The auction of Max Verstappen‘s Honda Civic Type-R GT has closed and the car has since sold for 75,000 euros. The estimated value of the car was up to 60,000 euros, so the auction winner did not pay much more.

Car Verstappen sold

The car that Verstappen used privately for some 58,500 kilometres has been bought by a Slovakian bidder. At the close of the auction, the highest bid stood at 75,000 euros. On the last day, the price went up 10,000 euros. A Dutch bidder went 5,000 over the Slovak bidder’s earlier bid of 65,000, but the latter had much more for it.

At first glance, the price the winner has to put down does not seem like a bargain. In fact, a new Type R-GT is only a rough 5,000 euros more expensive. The fact that this Honda is the old property of two-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen and has the Dutchman’s signatures on it nevertheless makes the price tag for the Honda look softer. Indeed, car expert at, Sander Houdel, expects the car to rise sharply in value as a collector’s item in the future.

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