Leylah Fernandez shows what she carries in her kit bag at all times

Leylah Fernandez has revealed all the important stuff that is always present in her kit bag while she’s on the tour competing in various tournaments.

The 20-year-old, seated near a tennis court, began with her tennis racquet, followed by a skipping rope which she said was extremely important in her warm-up routine before practice sessions as well as matches. The next item in the bag was her mobile phone. Fernandez stated that she uses it to watch movies and read comic books

Apart from sunglasses, sunscreen, and extra pairs of socks, the 40th-ranked player carries her favorite earbuds and she loves them because of their noise-cancelation feature.

“Here’s what I bring with me when I’m on the go. Here’s my tennis racquet. Here I have my jump rope that I use every day before my match and before practice. It helps me warm up physically,” Leylah Fernandez said. “So here is my Google Pixel phone and I like to use it to sometimes watch movies and also to read some comic books. Then I have my sunglasses. I have my sunscreen that I use every day before I get on the court. I also bring extra pairs of socks just in case. And finally, I have my Pixel buds Pro which I love because it’s noise-canceling and also it connects easily to my phone and my Pixel watch and I can control my music through my watch. That’s what’s in my bag. I gotta go back to court,” she said, in a video posted on her social media.

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