Mike Tyson’s ‘Most Starstruck’ Moment Fueled UFC Giant’s “Went On to Bite Someone”

Poirier recently fought Michael Chandler in UFC 281. Before the fight, ‘The Diamond’ had a surprise visit from boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. He revealed in the latest interview that he had the honor of meeting Tyson and was starstruck at that moment. However, he confessed to another incident.

It’s hard to imagine a UFC giant like Dustin Poirier being mesmerized by seeing another personality. However, that was the case with Mike Tyson meeting the former interim champion in the locker room

Dustin Poirier confessed, “I just had my most starstruck moment two weeks ago while meeting Tyson for the first time. Funny thing is, I went on to bite someone later that night.” ‘The Diamond’ had a hilarious take about meeting the boxing legend for the first time

Poirier went on to defeat Michael Chandler at UFC 281. However, fate wasn’t so kind towards the Louisiana-based star as he suffered a staph infection on the foot.

Dustin Poirier posted an injury update on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself with the caption, “About to bounce back! Nobody’s safe. Everyone talking shit and kicking when I’m down, that’s coward movements. I want all the smoke. El Diamante

Fans are wishing for a speedy and healthy recovery for ‘The Diamond’. It is also good for the fans to know that their favorite fighter is en route to recovery

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