Is It True Mike Tyson Beat Up Wesley Snipes In A Street Fight Or Is It Just Media Fabrication?

According to Tyson’s former bodyguard, Rudy Gonzalez, yes, Tyson knocked out Snipes over a girl. Supposedly Tyson’s girlfriend was cheating on him with Snipes, and after Rudy followed her and called Mike, an altercation occurred in a bathroom at Roscoes, a soulfood hangout in downtown LA.


Gonzalez recounts how Mike had the girl followed, and when she jumped out of Wesley Snipes fancy ride and went into Roscoes, Mike was called, and came immediately. Wesley tried playing it off, but through the decades, Mike Tyson has demonstrated once he is mad, it is on, and off the two of them went to a bathroom to discuss it.

Only Mike came out of the bathroom.
“After he (Tyson) was gone, I cracked open the bathroom door. Wesley Snipes was sitting against the far wall, head tilted to one side, unconscious.”


But Snipes was by no means the only person to feel the physical wrath of Iron Mike!
Mike Tyson’s run in with Lennox Lewis is interesting, because Mike didn’t punch out Lennox, he bit him. The guy who got punched was Lennox’s bodyguard. The scene at the Hudson Theatre in New York in January 22, 2002 was truly ugly.

Nor was Mike limited to punching or biting, as he related in “Undisputed” he kicked Don King in the head.
On a trip to try to make amends with his former promoter, Tyson went into a rage, partly fueled by jealousy over the money he had earned King, the money he thought King had stolen or conned him out of, and partly due to the drugs he had taken.

He claims he attacked King during negotiations over a $20 million deal for King to become Tyson’s promoter again.

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