Tom Brady reveals why he’s been losing sleep: Is it because of Gisele Bundchen?

Following his decision to un-retire form the NFL, superstar quarterback Tom Brady must surely be questioning his decision to return to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers.

The California native enjoyed a stellar career winning six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots before cementing his legacy with a seventh with the Bucs in 2020.

Following an injury-plagued season, Brady decided to retire from the sport only to return 40 days later. The decision ultimately played a huge role in his ongoing divorce with Gisele Bundchen and has not yielded the level of on field success he has expected.

No sleep for Brady

The losses, he admits, are what’s causing him to lose sleep.

“I have not slept great as you can only imagine,” Brady said.

“It is your fault when you lose, and you take it personally when you lose. And you shouldn’t sleep at night when you lose.

“You should only think about what you need to do to help the team more, and that’s what I lay in bed at night after games thinking about.

“Obviously there are challenges every year. Everyone has unique challenges on and off the field, and you work as hard as you can with the circumstances that are presented before you.”

Despite the losses the Buccaneers are benefiting significantly from the other southern teams also playing poorly.

Brady himself is not having a bad season per se with the quarterback throwing for 3,051 yards 14 touchdowns and facing just two interceptions.

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