Despite Glaring Illness, Serena Williams Managed to Thump Arch Rival Maria Sharapova to Script Historic Win in 2015 – ‘I Was Coughing So Much’

Former American tennis star Serena Williams is an inspirational figure. The 41-year-old has been a symbol of fighting spirit. Earlier, it was her struggle to come out from a problematic neighborhood. Later, she faced challenges making a name of her own in a predominantly white sport.

When Serena conquered all that, it was time for her health to test the legend. Back in 2015 Australian Open, Serena was facing Maria Sharapova in the final. The former world number 1 was clearly not well in the game. However, she still came out victorious. Here’s what happened.

Serena Williams battled illness to defeat Sharapova

In 2015, Serena Williams was on the verge of another Grand Slam glory. The American was facing Russian tennis great Maria Sharapova in the final. Serena was not well. She was coughing persistently in the first set she won 6-3.

Meanwhile, rain occurred, and there was a small break to close the roofs. Serena took a little longer, as she had to vomit. Later, the legend came back and took the next set to clinch her 19th Grand Slam title.

Speaking about her health situation and mid-match sickness, Serena said“I think in a way that just helped me – I felt better after that. My chest was really stuck at that point.”

She further added, “I was coughing so much. It was just forcing things out of me. So I was just trying to pull myself together.”

When a pregnant Serena won the Australian Open without dropping a set

Back in 2017, Serena Williams showed another example of her grit and perseverance. The Former world number one got to know about her pregnancy when she arrived in Australia. Instead of opting out, the legend decided to compete.

While the American must have felt much weaker and drained, she still showed great dedication and won the tournament without dropping even a single set.

Facing her elder sister Venus Williams in the final. Serena took the match 6-4, 6-4. With this, Serena clinched her 23rd and final Grand Slam title.

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